Why You Should Hire an Architect firm to design a building?

Architect can help you to make a building more useful and fascinating to the people who own and inhabit them, more integrated to their context and more commercially sustainable. The focus is to create total environments, connected interiors and exteriors, that are useful and exciting places in which to live.

Architect can help you to make a feasibility study that evaluates the project's potential for success. The perceived objectivity of the evaluation is an important factor in the credibility placed on the study by potential investors and financiers.

Efficiency is a key concern, architect can help you to to create buildings that operate on lighter costs and fewer resources. Architect services are a wise investment for the money, not an added cost to your project because good designed project can be built more efficiently and economically and increase your property value.

Efficiency means avoiding over-sized rooms and wasted spaces. Efficiency also consist in selecting materials within your budget and at a fair price. Efficiency can reduce building costs, decrease your home's energy needs, and increase its future resale value.

Who are the Architect's building design services for?

So who needs an architect firm? Everyone, who is looking to build any type of building can benefit from having an Architect involved.

If you have a vision of the home design you want, now you need to make that vision a reality. Architect can assist you through the maze of design options, building codes, zoning laws, contractors, and permitting requirements.

If you have the vision to bring acoustics, lighting and landscape elements together, Architect can help you create buildings that work in harmony with their environment and people.

If you desire a building that inspire and delight, Architect can realize stunning effects and playful spaces.

How much does it cost to hire an Architect to design your project?

An architect's fee depends on the requirements and complexity of each building to design. For this reason there is no set or standard fee, but typically the percentage fee is between 8 and 11 per cent of of the total construction.

Fees can also be calculated in different ways, for example as an agreed lump sum based on the anticipated work involved, or a hourly time charge based on the estimated time of a project.

The architect's fee is usually drawn down at various project stages, typically coinciding with project milestones such as Preliminary Design (25%), Developed Design (25%), Detail Design (25%) and Construction (25%).

Expenses incurred during the building design such as fees for printing of drawings, planning application charges, travel and site investigations, typically are not included in the architect's fee.

Costs could also arise from the input of specialist consultants on larger projects, such as a structural engineer or a quantity surveyor. Architect can obtain quotations for their fees and include them in the overall budget.