The project for the technical school Ravne was created like a game related to the industrial production of iron and steel, which was developed in Carinthia, Slovenia since 1620. The project incorporates many of the opportunities offered by the steel structure, including architectural elements that relate to the shape of the machine (pipes, fire escapes). The structure is intended to encourage students to further research-game.

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Key facts:

Project n.: 090605
Client: Vegrad d.d.
Location: Ravne, Slovenia
Date: June 2009
project team: Tomaz Kristof, Ivo Buda
Program: Technical high school
Levels: Basement + Ground + 5 levels


{mosmap address='Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia'|zoom='14'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|showMaptype='1'|align='left'| overview='1'|text='Ravne





All the things that happen, do not stop. Our perception is away from them, but the facts remain motionless and anchored on the timeline. All the places that ever existed, all the feelings, all the scents and colors, are not enrolled only in our individual memory, but frozen the very fabric of space-time.

The Elementary school can be seen as a unique meeting point of three time axes: children, teachers and parents. Despite several years of daily meetings, it would be hard to think of each other more distant worlds. First, during the period of primary school for boys, the time seems nonexistent past and the future is unimaginable.